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The training seminars listed below were developed and presented to meet specific needs of the client.  Although Michael presents these seminars to a wide variety of clients in their current format, these programs can be structured to meet any objective you may require.  To discuss your organization's specific training needs, please contact Michael via email at Michael@michaelikaplan.com.

Entrepreneurship training seminar for SBA SCORE Directors and Chamber of Commerce members,

Mastering Negotiation Strategies for Life & Business

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In the words of Orlando Battista, “The person who says they’ll meet you halfway usually thinks they’re standing on the dividing line.” Negotiation – whether brokering a contract, mediating a dispute or hiring a management team – is both a necessary and challenging aspect of professional business life. 

The Mastering Negotiation training seminar will provide valuable insights such as negotiating from a position of weakness, overcoming resistance and strategies to employ when negotiation stalls of fails. Participants will be exposed to strategies that help them recognize that negotiation is an ongoing process of exploration that demands continuous learning, adapting, and influencing. When engaged in business it never pays to get mad or get even, but it always pays to get what you want.

Increasing Profit with LinkedIn Business Network

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How many times have you heard someone say, "It’s not what you know, it’s who you know"? The number of employees needed to advance a business, build an industry influence and develop a continual stream of new customers may be out of reach for businesses with a limited budget.

The LinkedIn Business Network is a powerful, professional platform for growing a business in the digital age, especially if the business depends on a strong reputation, client relationships and referrals. The Marketing with the LinkedIn Business Network training seminar will provide participants with the necessary skills to navigate the LinkedIn platform and unlock the rewarding benefits it can bring to any business.

The Fundamentals of Successful Entrepreneurship

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All people have a desire to grow and expand, both personally and professionally.  Those who act on their goals with a high degree of knowledge and skill will make their dreams a reality and succeed.  

The Fundamentals of Successful Entrepreneurship will expose participants to the mindset, core principles and practical considerations required when researching, developing and launching a small business concept. As any successful business requires a balanced focus on developing people and systems, the course material places emphases on proper mindset and self-assessment techniques (people) before providing the student with a strong foundation of practical skills based on best practices and proven industry standards (systems).

This training seminar will also show participants how to identify individual strengths, capitalize on their life experience and create a thriving business. They will also be presented with valuable insights into the world of entrepreneurship, and the practical knowledge that’s required to conquer the challenge of business ownership.

Q & A session with Chamber of Commerce small business owners in South Carolina.

Business Intelligence and Competitive Research

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In the infamous words of Chinese General Sun Tzu, “If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles.” That wisdom continues to remain highly relevant to successful professionals operating on the modern Business Battlefield, and serves as the foundational platform for the Business Intelligence & Competitive Analysis training seminar. 

This seminar will expose participants to a variety of operational and strategic considerations that drive the business intelligence process, as well as practical insights for advanced research techniques that form the core of effective competitive analysis. Skilled research allows business professionals to better understand customer behaviors and execute fact-based decisions, thereby increasing the probability of achieving maximal competitive advantage while simultaneously mitigating unforeseen risks. 

Additional benefits to participants employing this research process include improving operational efficiency and reducing waste, increasing revenue and profitability, and the capability of identifying and strengthening areas of opportunity to protect against external competitor campaigns.

To discuss your organization's specific training needs, please
contact Michael via email at