Become a Mile2 Cyber Security Instructor!

The GOOD News

There are approximately 300,000 unfilled cyber security jobs in the United States today.

Median salaries for cyber security in the U.S. range between $94,000 to $210,000 per year.

Cybersecurity Ventures predicts there will be 3.5 million unfilled cyber security positions by 2021.

The BAD News

The global cost of cyber-crime damages is predicted to reach $6 TRILLION dollars by 2021.

According to the FBI, more than 4,000 ransomware attacks occur every single day.

Only 38% of global organizations claim to be prepared for a major, sophisticated cyber-attack.

The LOGICAL Conclusion

Cyber security is not a fad; it’s an entrenched part of human existence that will only continue to increase in scope and importance. If you want a successful career in this growing field – and you don’t need to be a computer scientist to do it – the time to become a Mile2 Certified Instructor NOW.


Format:  Instructor-Led, Classroom

Once a candidate has signed a Train-the-Trainer agreement, he/she will go to the Mile2 website and register for an individual account. All electronic training materials, exam results, and earned certifications will be available via these accounts. Hard copy course materials will be shipped to the candidate via FedEx Ground.

Once a candidate has completed the course and is prepared to sit for the certification examination, he/she will provide Michael with a proposed date for an instructor-led course review and proctored examination. The candidate will be required to have a computer with internet access, and a valid form of government identification to take the proctored examination. Upon completion of the course review, candidates will be given 120 minutes to answer 100 examination questions. A passing score of 70% is required to receive the course certification. Upon successful completion of the certification examination, the candidate will receive a signed document affirming the proctored examination, and a hardcopy of the certification (PDF format) will be available at once in the candidates’ Mile2 account.

Upon successful completion of the certification examination, Michael will provide the candidate with instructor slides from one module randomly selected from the completed course. The candidate will have two hours to present the content using the following format: 40 minutes of instruction, a 10-minute question and answer period, and a 10-minute break. 

During each question and answer period (there are two presentation sessions), Michael will ask the candidate 5 questions about content presented from the module slides. The 10 pre-selected questions will notate the slide with the question content and have a value of 10 points each, for a total of 100 points.  A passing score of 70% is required to receive access to the Instructor Application.

In the event the candidate does not earn a passing score of 70%, a second presentation and assessment opportunity will be made available to the candidate at no additional charge, using a different module from the course and different assessment questions. In the event the candidate does not earn a passing score of 70% on the second Instructor Assessment, a new Train-the-Trainer agreement can be initiated by the candidate.

Upon successful completion of the Presentation Exercise and Instructor Assessment, Michael will load the Mile2 Instructor Application into the candidates’ Mile2 account. The candidate will complete the application and be issued an Instructor Certificate. From that time forward, the candidate may instruct any Mile2 certification course they themselves have successfully completed (Examination and Instructor Assessment). A hardcopy of the Instructor Certificate (PDF format) will be available at once in the candidates' Mile2 account and be sent to the candidate via email.

You are no longer a candidate -- you are a certified Mile2 Cyber Security Instructor, authorized to teach any certification course you sit for and successfully complete.

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For additional information and to register for training please contact:

Michael I. Kaplan  |  Phone: 912.234.0394  |  Email: