Professional and Personal References
Garth Lezama

I had the opportunity to work on multiple projects with Michael Kaplan in the Caribbean for the last 7 years. These projects required a deep understanding of cyber-security, physical security, and delivering complex training. His expertise, professional demeanor, cultural knowledge of the region and practical training methods allowed us to complete the projects on time and exceed clients' expectations. He was able to do all this in restrictive and sensitive environments.

Texas Military VETS
Joseph McCausland

I have known Michael Kaplan for over five years and just recently had the pleasure of hosting him in my home. Michael is a friend and, although many years my junior, I consider him my mentor. Michael is a man of unwavering integrity. He is someone that once he gives his word, consider it done. Rest assured: deciding to hire Michael Kaplan as your Cyber Security Consultant will be one of the best decision your company has ever made. Kaplan doesn’t do anything half-way; his entire life experiences and accomplishments are a testament to not just doing but excelling in every endeavor he sets his mind to do. Rest assured, hiring Michael Kaplan will be a very wise decision that will bring positive results.
Jamie S. Burton

I have known professionally Michael Kaplan for two years. In every encounter, he has been a pleasure to work with. He is detailed, organized, and delivers innovative ideas with paths to accomplish them. I can highly recommend him for any opportunities available.  It is rare that an organization comes across someone who is talented at both big picture ideas and executing the small details — Michael is just that person.  His attitude and demeanor are well-suited to challenges, and his skills and talents are a fresh welcome to any team. He is capable of taking control of big projects and executing them to the fullest and would be an asset to any organization.

VOC Radio AM 1070
Robert O. Paiva

I have known Michael professionally for 2+ years and have had nothing but outstanding, first-class experiences through every meeting, call, correspondence, etc. His commitment to excellence, professionalism and integrity is second to none. Michael is a hard-charger and seems to excel when the pressure is at or close to its maximum. Michael has, on many occasions, displayed incredible clarity and deep understanding to a broad array of subject matter and is a valuable asset to any capacity to which he becomes engaged. I continue to look forward to following Michael on his life’s journey and welcome any opportunity to continue working with him.
Robert Wilson

I've had the pleasure of getting to know Michael and working with enough to state his work ethic is bar none. Dedicated and determined to get the job done. Always available when you need him and interesting to work with. Over the years having observed Michael's efforts, I can unequivocally say Michael is diligent in developing a customized solutions that allows clients to maximize the value expected; actually exceeding.  Michael is Quality Plus!
Brett Lang

It is my pleasure to provide a written recommendation to Michael Kaplan.  He is knowledgeable and professional at all times, while exhibiting outstanding leadership and problem-solving abilities.  He is a driven self-motivator, whose attention to detail make him an excellent resource in any environment he finds himself in.  Michael's strong work ethic and dedication is a testament to his character, capability and perseverance.  As a Lieutenant and EMT with Security Management of South Carolina, I would gladly welcome a professional like Michael to our organization.  I recommend Michael without hesitation for any professional endeavor he chooses to pursue.

Additional references will be made available as they are received.
Government references will be made available upon request.