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Michael I. Kaplan: Welcome to my YouTube Channel!
I am an event speaker, corporate trainer and bestselling author. I'm dedicated to training and motivating people to create an unshakable "Will to Win” mindset and realize anything is possible.

Positive Self-Assessment: Your Most Powerful Tool for Success
You can start using this powerful tool TODAY! Positive self-assessment will form the foundation of your “will to win” mindset, and help you create a path and pave the way to your success.

1 Question Can Reveal Your Life’s True Purpose
During my career, I’ve discovered one simple question that can reveal your life’s purpose, and lead to a level of potential you’ve never imagined yet. Are you ready for the question?

5 Lessons Military Snipers Can Teach YOU About Competitive Advantage
I’m going to share with you 5 lessons that I learned in military sniper school that speak directly to competitive advantage. They apply to everyone; you don’t need any special skills or requirements to master these mindsets.

3 Tips to Maximize the Potential of Your Skills
While everybody else is fighting for their piece of the pie, you’ll be maximizing the potential of your skills and making your own pies – as many as you want. Now that is definitely a recipe for success.

6 Military Leadership Principles for Peak Business Performance
This video isn’t about tactical run and gun skills; I’m talking about operational and strategic leadership principles, and I’ve identified 6 that will directly benefit you and your business team.

Do YOU Know These 4 Valuable Truths About Change?
Change happens whether we accept it or not. So, it’s our reaction to change, not the change itself, that dictates whether we receive its full benefit and value.

What if changing 1 QUESTION could give our children a BETTER FUTURE?
What if by changing one question that we ask children, or changing the way we ask a certain question, could change that child’s future for the better?

Time Management: 5 Proven Methods to Get YOU Ahead of Schedule
Are you punctual, or typically behind schedule?  Do you scramble to make last-minute deadlines?  If you've perfected the art of punctuality but staying ahead of the time curve still eludes you, this video will shed light on understanding -- and managing -- the true nature of time.

4 Positive Fears That Protect Your Competitive Advantage
If you enjoy winning as much as I do, these fears will protect your competitive advantage and help you keep the positive mindset you’ll need to be successful.  

Michael I. Kaplan is an event speaker, military veteran, and bestselling author of "The Prior-Service Entrepreneur: Veteran Entrepreneurship & Lean Business Start-Up.  You're invited to connect
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