Speaking at the WWP "Warrior to Work" Entrepreneurship Seminar in Tampa, Florida.

Military & Veteran Entrepreneurship | Transition Programs
(Currently used in numerous Business Programs in Higher Education)

Military veterans from all branches of the armed forces are a special breed apart from their civilian counterparts. Their experience as a veteran has prepared them to face unforeseen challenges, overcome insurmountable odds and demonstrate leadership in a wide variety of environments. Their dedication to training, ability to accept responsibility and unrelenting commitment to achieving objectives conclusively demonstrates the strength of their character.

In spite of extraordinary risk, they chose to serve their country with distinction, realizing the potential reward for their patriotism could be nothing more than the ultimate sacrifice of their life. While that may be behind them it will always be a part of them; it will shape their mindset, perceptions and responses forever. Their military experience has also created for them a less noticeable (albeit just as permanent) benefit: it has made them the ideal entrepreneurial role model.

The purpose in designing this course is two-fold. It is crucial to demonstrate to veterans that despite the personal obstacles – overcoming commonly held myths, disadvantageous mindsets and the naturally occurring fears associated with acclimating to a civilian environment – they have both the capacity and ability to pursue an entrepreneurial path and achieve success. Their experience, dedication and commitment to the defense of American freedom have proven that conclusively.

More importantly, it is imperative to prove to the military and veteran communities that they have the power to do so. Given the challenges imposed upon individuals in modern culture, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. When veterans believe they have the power to succeed and openly state as much, they are actually affirming their power and a sense of control that cannot be taken away from them. Power is never taken away; it is always relinquished freely. 

Veterans don’t need to be told that twice; their experience has proven that every time they put on a uniform and prepare their mindset for battle in defense of America’s freedoms.

The thing that differentiates veteran business owners from the pack is not their creativity, brilliance or pedigree. What makes them inherently different is their refusal to relinquish their power to succeed and renounce their dreams. When society quits, they don’t

It’s the veteran’s time now. They are now being called again to seize the moment to act, and conquer the challenge of a small business as they have conquered other challenges in their military past: successfully.

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