Cyber Security C.O.P.
(Computer Orientation Program)

The Cyber Security C.O.P. seminar listed below is presented in an instructor-led, classroom format at the Coastal Regional Commission of Georgia in Darien, Georgia.  For questions regarding this course, or to request a training quote, please contact Michael Kaplan via email at, or call  (912) 244-0394.

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10%: Groups of 2-4 attendees
15%: Groups of 5 or more attendees
* the attendees do not need to be from the same physical location, just registering together under the same organization (i.e., Corporation, Government Agency, Academic System)
15%: Military Affiliate Community
* Military affiliate community includes Active, Retired, Guard, Reserve and Veteran

Next Seminar Date:
February 12 (Tuesday), 2019 / 7:30 am - 5:00 pm

Seminar Length: 1 Day | Seminar Fee: $295 (lunch included) | Register for Seminar

Advance Registration Required

Cyber Security C.O.P. (Computer Orientation Program) is a 1-day professional development seminar created to provide non-technical personnel with practical training in basic computer security principles. Attendees will learn real-world strategies to protect themselves from a wide variety of common threats. Anyone who regularly interacts with a computer for professional or personal use will benefit from this course. The principles taught in this program are presented in non-technical language, are easy to understand, and even easier to apply in any environment.

Hour 01 Working in a Technology-Enabled World
Hour 02:  Cyber Threats: The Real Impact
Hour 03:  Creating an Unbreakable Password
Hour 04:  The Dark Psychology of Social Engineering
Hour 05:  Recognizing Phishing and Email Scams
Hour 06:  Unknown Links: To Click, or Not to Click
Hour 07:  Identifying and Reporting Suspicious Incidents
Hour 08:  Building a Positive Organizational Cyber Culture

- Seminar Instruction
- Supplemental Course Materials
- Catered Lunch

- Client and Public Relations
- Accounting and Finance
- Administrative Support
- Sales and Marketing
- Office Supervisors
- Academic Support
- Human Resources
- Customer Service
- Home Businesses


Michael I. Kaplan is a certified Cyber Security Instructor, a Mile2 Partner Development Manager, and a Corporate Information Security Consultant with over 20 years in the security industry.  His areas of expertise are Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, Incident Response, Digital Forensic Investigations, and IT Risk Management.

Seminar Length: 1 Day | Seminar Fee: $295 (lunch included) | Register for Seminar