Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The NEW Normal: Ransomware Successfully Attacking Cities

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Ransomware.  It the virus that actually makes money for the attacker.  At first, it was randomly deployed, just like the nuisance viruses of the past, indiscriminately finding victims through phishing and spoofed websites.  But the game is changing, as the Georgia cities of Atlanta and Savannah found out the hard way.  Special Guest, Cybersecurity expert and Mile2 Cybersecurity Trainer, Michael Kaplan.

David W. Schropfer – host of DIY Cyber Guy – is the CEO of AnchorID, Incorporated, a cybersecurity company in New York (www.AnchorID.com).  Every day, he and his team of professionals keep the people who use AnchorID safe from some of the most common traps, hacks and attacks that target computer systems of all sizes. David’s previous books, including The Smartphone Wallet and three industry whitepapers, predicted some of the biggest trends in the payments, mobile, and security industries.


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