Friday, August 10, 2018

Mile2 Cyber Security Briefing at Coastal Regional Commission of Georgia

It was a pleasure to represent Mile2 Cyber Security at the Coastal Regional Commission's Board Meeting on August 08, 2018 at the Richmond Hill City Center.  The Coastal Regional Commission (CRC) is comprised of 10 counties and 35 cities, and serves municipal and county governments.  Its headquarters in Darien is now a Mile2 authorized training center, and will be offering cyber security training and certifications to public and private entities in their region.

This initiative to provide training goes beyond securing data and systems.  The State of Georgia currently has 11,000 cyber security positions throughout the state that remain vacant.  The reason?  There are not enough qualified candidates with proper certifications to fill these vacancies.  Our plan for training and certification programs addressed workforce, economic and professional development as well as security.

There were many key decision-makers in attendance for this briefing representing both public and private sector interests in the region. They included Mayors, Commissioners, Councilmen, City Managers, Congressional Representatives, and leaders from industry and academia.  While the questions and concerns were varied, everyone agreed that cyber security training and certification were high-priority issues with long-term consequences.

My heartfelt thanks goes out to Allen Burns, Executive Director of the CRC, for the opportunity to present to this distinguished audience.  I look forward to working with the municipalities that make up the Coastal Regional Commission to stand up their cyber security training capabilities.


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