Friday, July 27, 2018

Cyber security isn't something you BUY - it's something you DO.

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Michael I. Kaplan, Mile2 Cyber Security Instructor, speaks with Tim
Guidera at WTOC News about the growing need for certified professionals.

Cyber security isn't something you BUY ... it's something you DO.  It's not spooky equipment placed on a network by IT professionals.  It's a system comprised of people, processes and technology which, when combined effectively, provides a powerful defense against malicious actors.

Unfortunately, many decision-makers view cyber security as an afterthought, an add-on, to be incorporated at the last minute and only when necessary.  That's a mistake.

Cyber security is a critical component of all technologies that must be intrinsically woven into the fabric of the entire system development life cycle.  When leaders in the public and private sectors come to terms with that reality, they'll be much better prepared to mitigate escalating threats that will only increase exponentially over time.

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"There's No Need to Out-Fight Anyone You Can Out-Think."

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