Wednesday, June 27, 2018

11,000 Cyber Security Jobs in Georgia Remain Vacant

Coastal Regional Commission is Partnering with Mile2™ to Address the Crisis.

Savannah, GA – June 25, 2018: Recent events have proven just how vulnerable Georgia really is to cyber attacks launched by malicious hackers. In February, an attack against the City of Savannah crippled employees of Chatham County’s Recorder’s Court, while a separate attack against the City of Hinesville took government phone systems and email offline. One month later in March, a ransomware attack brought the City of Atlanta to its knees, and is expected to cost taxpayers more than $3 million to restore and replace IT infrastructure.

Despite these glaring vulnerabilities, almost 11,000 cyber security jobs in the State of Georgia remain vacant. The reason? There aren’t enough qualified candidates with the proper training to fill the open positions.

The Coastal Regional Commission of Georgia recognizes the seriousness of this staffing crisis and has partnered with Mile2 to provide nationally-recognized cyber security training and certifications to public and private organizations within its area of operation.

The CRC is a multi-county planning and development agency that serves municipal and county governments in 10 counties and 35 cities. The region encompasses the six coastal counties, four inland counties, and has a total land area of over 5,110 square miles. “Cyber security issues will not go away,” says Allen Burns, the Executive Director of CRC in Darien, GA. “The responsibility is on employers to educate employees in good cyber habits to protect themselves and business operations from malicious actors.”

Michael Kaplan, a Partner Development Manager and Cyber Security Instructor for Mile2, will be training CRC staff as instructors and supporting CRC in its launch as a Mile2 Authorized Training Center. “The 24/7 news cycle has brought the topic of cyber security from the basement to the Boardroom,” says Kaplan, “and in the process, has also revealed it touches everyone in between.”

The partnership between Coastal Regional Commission and Mile2 will create a cyber security training capability in the region not previously available, benefiting individuals and organizations at local, county and state levels. This workforce development initiative will also support the Georgia Senate’s designation of Savannah as an official technology corridor, and work to reduce the State’s critical staffing shortage of 11,000 cyber security professionals.

Source / June 27, 2018

Recent events have proven just how vulnerable Georgia is to cyber-attacks. This partnership will prove how committed Coastal Regional Commission and Mile2 are to safeguarding Georgia residents from attacks like these in the future.

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