Sunday, April 8, 2018

10 Veterans will Receive $10,000 of FREE Cyber Security Training!

Join us on Thursday, April 12 at 6:15 pm (EST) for our

In support of our effort to promote cyber security careers in the military affiliate community (Active Duty, Reserve, Veterans, Spouses, Dependents and Civilian DOD), we will be offering $10,000 of cyber security certifications for FREE to 10 attendees viewing the show.

The 10 attendees selected will receive the Mile2 Certified Vulnerability Assessor electronic course training program, and the opportunity to sit for this nationally recognized certification examination. Those selected will receive a “My Mile2” student account, and a full year online access to the following digital course materials:

  • Course Textbook
  • Video Training Series
  • Course Prep Guide
  • Exam Practice Questions
  • Certification Exam Voucher
  • Certification Exam Re-Take Voucher

Upon successful completion of the examination, a PDF copy of the certification will be downloaded into the students’ account in PDF format, and a searchable record of the certification will be maintained on the Mile2 website for employer verification.

Certified Vulnerability Assessor Course:
The Certified Vulnerability Assessor course provides foundational knowledge of general vulnerability assessment tools and popular exploits with which an IT engineer should be familiar. This course is a fundamental cyber security certification course that focuses on vulnerability assessments.  The student will be versed with basic malware and viruses, and how they can infiltrate an organizations network. The student will also learn how to assess a company’s security posture and perform a basic vulnerability test to help secure the organization’s networking infrastructure.

Join us on Thursday, April 12 at 6:15 pm (EST) for our


Additional Information:

Michael I. Kaplan is a Mile2 Partner Development Manager, Mile2 Authorized Training Center, and certified Mile2 Cyber Security Instructor in Savannah, GA. He is also a consultant for Military and Veteran professional development programs that focus on transition and training for cyber security careers, and authored the Amazon Bestseller, “The Prior-Service Entrepreneur.” You are invited to connect with Michael via LinkedInTwitter, and Facebook.

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Mile2 is a developer of proprietary vendor neutral cyber security certifications which are accredited by NSA’s CNSS 4011-4016. Mile2’s courses are approved on Homeland’s Security NICCS training schedule and is on the FBI’s preferred cyber security certification requirements.

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