Wednesday, December 6, 2017

'You are the help until help arrives' event sponsored by CEMA

Reported by Robert Catanese, Multimedia Journalist - Fox28 News

NOV 29:  Chatham Emergency Management Agency kicked off their “you are the help until help arrives” event on Tuesday.

It's a model plan CEMA adopted from the Federal Emergency Management Agency where folks are taught life saving techniques at a time when the unimaginable happens.

Michael Kaplan is an instructor for CEMA and teaches the basics of the class.

We need to get people comfortable with being involved,” said Kaplan.

Simple life saving skills can make a big difference in a mass casualty event like the Las Vegas shooting earlier this year.

Chelsea Sawyer is an Emergency Management Specialist for CEMA. She says learning the basics in a catastrophic event can save a life.

Stopping bleeding, positioning the injured, making sure that you know what to do and how you can be helpful during the time of an emergency or mass casualty of situation,” said Sawyer.

On Tuesday night, attendees were introduced to the importance of situational awareness and preparedness in a traumatic event.

Having the most basic skills, just being there being able to do some of the most rudimentary functions, it absolutely is the difference between life and death,” said Kaplan.

The American Red Cross also partnered with CEMA to host the event. Esther Sheppard is the Executive Director for the Southeast region of the American Red Cross.

It is our hope that people will walk away feeling that they are a little bit more empowered to get involved when the need arises,” said Sheppard.

It was about having folks remember that ‘you are the help until help arrives.’

What people need to be aware of is what they are going to be encountering when they're out there in the field, and hopefully inspire them to be involved and get additional training,” said Kaplan.

For those who may have missed the event Tuesday, CEMA is offering their CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) training slated to begin Feb. 17, 2018.

If you would like more information about becoming a certified volunteer, click here.

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