Saturday, June 24, 2017

The Hidden Value of Hiring Military Veterans

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If you’re a corporate hiring manager or a professional recruiter, when you see the phrase “military veteran” on a job candidate’s resume, what image pops immediately into your mind?  If you want to discover the real value of hiring veteran talent, look beyond the skill sets, and focus on our mindsets instead. What you’ll find might surprise you.

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Michael I. Kaplan is a Military Veteran with 25 years of experience with entrepreneurial small business ventures, and a Notable Alumni from Armstrong State University in Savannah, Georgia.  

He is a passionate advocate for veterans transitioning into the civilian workforce and consults for those considering the pursuit of entrepreneurial small business ventures.

Michael is a professional speaker, bestselling author, and instructor who designs and instructs professional development training programs for academic institutions, Chambers of Commerce, and business organizations.

For further information -- or to discuss a speaking event -- please contact Michael via email at

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