Monday, March 13, 2017

New PDF e-Book: Jesus' Method for Making Disciples

What is your primary responsibility as a person professing faith in Christ? There are a variety of answers that seem obvious, but which answer gets top priority? 

Whether you grew up in a Christian church or recently gave your life to the Lord, the correct answer may surprise you. Just prior to Jesus’ Ascension, He gathered His disciples and gave them a tasking order that would serve as the mission statement for the early Church. 

Their mission was clear: MAKE DISCIPLES.

Jesus' Method for Making Disciples
Modern Christianity looks much different than the early Church, even though God’s Word remains unchanged over time. Adherence to the faith is declining, apostasy in churches is increasing, and statistical data shows there’s little difference between the lifestyles of believers and non-believers. 

Most Christians will admit there’s a problem; that’s a critical first-step for finding a solution. We need to know where we are before we decide where we need to go. The difference between those two points is the solution.

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