Thursday, March 16, 2017

Boldly Defending the Christian Faith in Modern Society

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Imagine a church in which faith in Christ was so deeply entrenched, its pastor would be spiritually fed each week by the congregation, instead of the dynamic seen today. It would be a church so biblically-grounded, so rooted in faith, and so confident of the Gift of Salvation from Christ that the defense of God’s Promises would be a natural condition.

There’s nothing more profitable for the development of a strong Christian faith than knowing and understanding the Word of God. Reading the Bible is the only way to know God’s Word, and studying the Bible is the only way to understand it.

It’s impossible to defend something unknown, and difficult to defend something not understood. The discipline of Apologetics dictates by necessity a grounded knowledge of the Scriptures. This process doesn’t require acceptance into Bible college; it begins in the Christian home, as early as possible.

The benefits of a strong, mature Christian faith extend well beyond the physical borders of the individual.

Discover those benefits yourself within the pages of “Boldly Defending the Christian Faith in Modern Society.” This is a great resource for Christian groups, Bible study, and discipleship ministries.