Tuesday, December 27, 2016

7 Disciplines Evangelical Christians MUST Embrace to Boldly Defend Their Faith

This video is a CALL TO ACTION for Evangelical Christians and Churches. 

Biblical Apologetics -- boldly defending the Christian Faith – is a critical skill Evangelical Christians and Churches MUST pursue to reverse the disturbing trends in our faith.  These trends are impacting EVERY sector of Christianity: Adults, Youth, and even Pastors.

In this video, Michael I. Kaplan presents the 7 core disciplines of Apologetics that Churches should use as a foundation and model for their Discipleship Programs.  

1. Bible Study Methods and Hermeneutics
2. History and Historical Theology
3. Biblical Languages and Research Methods
4. Logic, Rhetoric, and Critical Thinking
5. Prayer and Biblical Fasting
6. Biblical Discipleship and Mentorship
7. Applying Biblical Truths to the Cultural Landscape

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