Thursday, November 24, 2016

Atheist or Antichrist? What you DON'T know CAN hurt you.

Words matter. If you can't DEFINE the enemy, you can't DEFEAT the enemy ... and the enemies of Christianity are NOT atheists.

In the video below, Michael I. Kaplan - founder of Christian Warrior Ministries in Savannah, Georgia - speaks with members of a men's Bible Study group and clearly defines the difference. He further outlines a strategy to boldly defend the Christian faith against such an enemy.

Atheists will appreciate this insight and distinction, but those who serve the anti-God kingdom of the Antichrist will be infuriated for being "called out." Keep that in mind as you watch the responses to this article in the future.

Michael I. Kaplan is a lecturer, professional instructor and bestselling author who is dedicated to boldly proclaiming the Christian faith. He currently lives in San Antonio, Texas and is a graduate student at Southern Evangelical Seminary.

His latest book, Christian Warrior Mindset: Spiritual Strength for Challenging Times, was an Amazon #1 New Release within 24-hours of release, and is currently being utilized by faithful Christians in 6 countries.  It enjoys a 5-star ranking with Amazon Reviews.

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