Friday, April 14, 2017

Celebrating the Resurrection of Christ: 7 Pillars of an Unshakable Christian Faith

7 Pillars of an Unshakable Christian Faith
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Imagine a church in which faith in Christ was so deeply entrenched, its pastor would be spiritually fed each week by the congregation, instead of the dynamic seen today. It would be a church so biblically-grounded, so rooted in faith, and so confident of the Gift of Salvation from Christ that the pursuit of God’s Promises would be a natural condition.

7 Pillars of an Unshakable Christian Faith” speaks to the soul of every true Christian willing to follow the teachings of Christ, the path of Biblical Discipleship, and the guidance of The Holy Spirit through Scripture. Every reader will find its content informative, practical, and easy to apply in modern Christian life. 

Pillar #1: Bible Study Methods and Correct Interpretation
Pillar #2: Christ’s Commission and Biblical Discipleship
Pillar #3: Biblical History and Historical Theology
Pillar #4: Biblical Apologetics and Defending Christianity
Pillar #5: Purposeful Prayer and Biblical Fasting
Pillar #6: Spiritual Warfare and Defeating Temptation
Pillar #7: Applying Biblical Truth in Modern Christian Life

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Michael I. Kaplan presents a well-reasoned approach to the Gospel that’s easily understood, insightful, and written for a world that needs it now more than ever. 

If you have ANY doubts or unanswered questions regarding your faith – and honestly want to find what you’re seeking in Christ - open this book and begin your journey to an unshakable Christian faith.